True 2 The Roots, “T2TR” for short, is a collaboration-based clothing brand working with influencers and community leaders to showcase different reflections of “staying true to your roots.” 


We utilize organic materials for our clothing, advocating for an environmentally sustainable future. This cause allows passionate people to further spread awareness for their areas of activism. 

Thanks to Ecoenclose, we are able to package all of our products in 100% recycled and reusable material, ensuring that your purchase is fully sustainable.

In an attempt to give back, we have partnered with several charities in the past, donating a percentage of profits to the causes that our collaborations promote. On top of that, we directly work on mitigating the problems in endangered ecosystems; such as, cleaning our beaches, preserving our trails, and spreading environmental awareness.

T2TR True 2 the Roots los angeles, ca t2trclothing@gmail.com

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