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    About six months ago, we approached Iustin Grancea for some help with creative direction and graphic consultation. With his help, we realized that there was an opportunity to showcase Iustin's artistic talent, while also adding creativity to our clothing. As we were going through our routine inventory check, we found twelve unused shirts (organic cotton of course). In the past few weeks, Iustin has been spending copious amounts of time on each shirt, meticulously painting various abstracts that are inspired by the environmental ecosystems of our world.



    All shirts are listed in order, from small to x-large. All shirts are made with one- hundred percent organic cotton. All shirts are painted on with long-lasting, and resistant, paint. Check sizing below.



    Small: Tributaries 

    Medium: Delta Blue, Ra, Humboldt, Agulhas, Stay True

    Large: Triple Suns, Ecbatana, Thunderbolts, Cocoon, The Voids

    X-Large: The Core


    Washing Instructions:

    - cold wash

    - inside out

    - air dry or "delicate" dry



    IG + T2TR

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