T2TR X Snooze Boards

Surfboards manufactured by landlocked dreamers

Patrick Jantzen is a surfer...a surfer from Germany. We interviewed Patrick about his passion becoming a hobby, as he shapes boards for a variety of people in Europe. Sourcing his supplies from Austria, Patrick builds unique boards from start to finish.


Hey Patrick! How has this quarantine been for you?

Hey Fillip, I am doing alright. Currently stuck in Portugal, but the waves are fun right now so I can’t complain.

Epic. What brought you out there?

I originally came here to plan out the architecture for a surf hostel, and once covid hit, I ended up staying. 

Not a bad place to get stuck in(laughs). Could you tell me a little about your upbringing in Germany?

Sure. I have lived in Cologne, Germany since the age of ten. Growing up in a landlocked country, especially as a water-loving person, you feel like a part of you is missing. As a teenager, I traveled around Europe with my band and explored many new interests, specifically surfing. I vividly remember driving to Biarritz, France and body-boarding the Atlantic. After a while, my friend introduced me to surfing and I have been addicted to it since. 

Even though Germany is not close to any ocean, it’s great that you found this novelty activity. How quickly did you really get into surfing after the first time?

I really have to owe it to my friend, Lucas Cober, he kind of served as an inspiration in and out of the water. Not only did he get me into surfing, but shaping as well. I originally surfed on shitty boards in shitty waves. When I got my first retro board, I fell in love with the distinctive flow of it. Since then, I have been obsessed with trying weirdly shaped boards with unique looks.

Having a diverse quiver of boards definitely brings out the fun in wave-riding. When did you start getting into shaping some of those boards?

Originally, I was fixing my own boards in Germany. When I first discovered that there are more shapes besides a classic performance thruster, I wanted to ride anything that looked different; ultimately, getting a different feeling from each board. Because of my interest in architecture and design, I began shaping for myself and friends. My first board was based off of the “Mini-Simmons” shape, which I 3D planned. Since then, I have strived to make interesting shapes.

No doubt, architecture seems like a great way to get into shaping. With every shaper, the process is different. How would you say you differentiate from most shapers?

I like creating. I like creating everything from scratch. From the blank to the fins, each step of the process is fun in its own way. Most of the materials are sourced from Austria, but I also use whatever I have over here in Cologne. And if I have left over resin or color, I will just reuse it. 


That is a very sustainable perspective to have! How would you say you stay “true to the roots” within your community and passion for surfing?

Being a German surfer is hard. It’s hard to stay engaged with surfing and surfboards when you are far away from the ocean. For me, that is staying true to my roots, following your dreams past any challenges. 

That’s great Patrick. Could you talk about our collaborative design between your brand, “Snooze Surfboards,” and us, “T2TR.” 

The idea of this design came from my love for the purest moment in surfing. When you just ride a wave with a friend and appreciate the thrill. This design is based off of a thought that consistently runs through my head, especially when life gets more serious and you just sit in your office and think about the waves. 


No better feeling! Thank you Patrick, we would love to see your boards in America soon!

(Laughs) Yeah, definitely! Thanks man.

For those looking to buy a board, straight out of Germany, make sure to contact Patrick @snoozesurfboards. Check out our most recent products below!